A Little Gem For Locating The Right Crackle Nail Polish

One of the newest art effects to enhance your nails is crackle or shatter nail polish. The concept is quite simple. An aged or crackle effect on your nails can be achieved by applying a coat of crackle polish over your regular nail polish.

The base coating creates an eye-catching color and shade contrast, when seen through the cracks. It’s a simple way to do your nails but looks professional. The many color choices will help you to make an unlimited color mixing that can be varied with the season, your dress, your mood or even the session of the day.

Which brands of crackle nail polish do you feel are best?

There are numerous companies which produce crackle and shatter nail polishes, both of which are quite addicting. You’ll have to experiment to find your favorite brand, but here are some suggestions: Here are some suggestions to experiment with to find your favorite brand. French Tip Nail Polish

    • Sally Hansen Crackle Polish: Sally Hansen is well-known for the quality and cost of their polishes. You maybe surprised with an array of eight different colors they have selected before entering the fray.


    • Not only is Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish a superior product, it also comes in a range of beautiful colors. A hot leading product you can learn more from is Mia Secret crackle polish.


    • OPI Black Shatter topcoat: While crackle and shatter topcoat have been around since the late 90’s they lost favor for the past decade until OPI revived these artsy nail creations in September. OPI has a large array of colors to choose from. Black shatter topcoat was the original style.


  • China Glaze is a Sephora brand crackle nail polish from the Katy Perry line. If you would like more incredible ideas, you can find them by searching here and reading all the honest reviews offered.


You may ask if they work better than the competitors. These three polishes give the best, streak- and glob-free, professional-quality crackle patterns.

What is the secret to a crackle finish on your nails?

Some people think there is some special trade secret that makes the polish crackle and others think it simply works by magic! Neither is actually true. Normally nail polishes are created so that they dry evenly on your nails, this is what you want from a typical polish. The cracked looking effect attributed to crackle polish is due to certain solvents added to the polish so it dries unevenly. A clear coat should be applied over the crackle coat in order to preserve the appearance, as its known to not last as long as normal polishes.