Bad Credit Car Loan – How Do I Get One?

Most bad credit loans are secured with collateral, ensuring that a lender will have recourse if a borrower goes into default. A bad credit unsecured loan, however, waives the need for collateral and means that, if you are unable to pay back the loan, the borrower will not be able to attach any of your property. A bad credit unsecured loan is ideal for those who have poor credit records and nothing of value to pledge as collateral.

Because the lenders of a bad credit unsecured loan is not requiring you to supply collateral, they will need some other form of compensation for the additional risk they are assuming, given your poor credit history. They stand to lose whatever part of their money is left on the loan should you stop making payments. bad credit installment loans

No Collateral Means Higher Interest Rates

What the lender of a bad credit unsecured loan will traditionally do to offset some of the risk is to loan you the money at an interest rate significantly higher than the rate associated with a secured loan to a creditworthy borrower. The lender will also put a low ceiling on the amount of money you can get in a bad credit unsecured loan, again because you are unable to offer any collateral to back your promise to pay. A bad credit unsecured loan usually ranges from between five hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but higher amounts can mean higher interest rates.

The amount of time you will be given to pay back your bad credit unsecured loan can be anywhere from six months to ten years; the lender will typically ask you what sort of repayment schedule you can manage. The longer the time you ask for, the smaller your monthly payments will be, but you can expect higher rates on long term loans.

If the only way you can feel confident that you’ll be able to make the monthly payments on a bad credit unsecured loan is by extending the repayment period, by all means do it. But whenever you can, pay a larger amount than your monthly installment.

Go For An Early Payback

The total amount of interest you pay will increase as the time you carry the loan continues, so you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of money if you pay off the bad credit unsecured loan as soon as possible. Many people find that, as their careers advance, their paychecks increase. If you find yourself in that situation, make every effort to apply some of your raises toward your bad credit unsecured loan.

Lenders really have no reason to offer you a bad credit unsecured loan; their only protection is in charging you what may appear to be excessive interest rates and hope that you do not default until they have at least made a small return on the money they have risked.