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Curly hair can be a real bind if you have it. I longed for straight hair that was easy to brush, wash and style. Every time I went to the hairdressers, I would ask them to make it straight. I had all my hair chopped off, investigated chemical straightening products as well as purchased a catalog of straightening tools in the hope that I could make the frizz smooth and sleek like you see on all the TV adverts.

Nowadays, I’ve come to terms with my curls and have even embraced the frizz. Well, maybe not that far, but I have learned a few tricks that help tame the wild beast that is my curly hair. Hopefully, these will help a few more ‘curlies’ embrace their own curls. hair blow dryer brush

Tip 1- Do NOT brush your hair.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it! Well it’s true. Brushing curls, especially when hair is dry will just separate strands of hair from one another. This is fine for straight hair but for curls it just means that each hair will simply ‘be curly’ on it’s own. The result is a head full of frizz. I remember when I was a young girl, my straight-haired mother would brush my curls with a stiff bristle brush. I would not only cry in pain, but also end up looking like a lion that had just had an electric shock!

Only brush it whilst wet, after washing, and even then, only with a wide-toothed comb. Afro combs work well.

Tip 2 – Do NOT dry your hair

Yes, another crazy idea! If your hair is naturally curly and you’re going for a curly style, then do not dry with a hairdryer, even if you have a diffuser fitted. This can blow your hair so much that the strands separate again and you’ll end up with frizz. Let your hair dry naturally, so that strands of hair group together and you’ll get a proper curl. If you must dry your hair, for instance if your hair is quite thick, then just blow dry the roots and let the rest dry naturally.

The exception is if you are styling your hair straight. Blow dry (no diffusion needed) and then use straightening irons.

Tip 3 – Use curl enhancing products

A lot of shampoos, conditioners and styling products cater for those who want sleek, smooth hair so the products often contains relaxing ingredients to help deters frizz. For us curlies, this will make our hair look limp and dull. Go for products that are specifically formulated to enhance curls. Try KMS California Curl Up Conditioner orĀ Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream.

You’ll find that after trying a few different products and combinations, you’ll hit on the magic combo that works for you. Once found, you’ll begin to love your curls like I do and never reach for the straightening irons again!