Doves at Funeral Services

At a military funeral service, the family must make certain decisions, such as visitation, who will officiate the service, and whether there will be flowers or donations in lieu of flowers. The military branch the deceased served on will provide a flower arrangement. If the family desires, the military unit generally officiates the funeral service.

There is a ceremony at a chapel which can be officiated by someone outside the military. The grave side service however is where the military ceremony will take place. The ceremony consists of a seven person firing party for the salute, a bugler to play taps, pallbearers, and an officer of equal or higher rank than the deceased. During the service, the U.S. flag is draped over the casket. If there are flowers on top of the casket, a military representative will hold the flag during the service. pemakaman muslim

If the body was cremated, one representative will hold the flag and another will hold the urn which contains the cremains. The cremains are either buried in the urn, sprinkled, or given to the family. At the end of the ceremony, the flag is presented and given to the surviving family.

The chaplain on base may act as a support for the grieving family members. For a military funeral service, the family will often create their own funeral programs. The designs are typically patriotic themed and may have images such as the U.S. flag, eagle, or emblem from the branch they served in.

This program will also serve as a final keepsake of the life of their loved one. Often families of veterans also opt to create programs with a patriotic theme.