Free Address Search

Unlike searching other public records, performing a free address search is both quick and easy. All our data concerning addresses, phone numbers and emails are widely available in the Internet. Of course, their accuracy and completeness may vary, depending on the person you are looking for and the method you use.

Basically, there are three methods of a free address search. You can type a person’s name to Google or other search engine, visit free “find people” websites such as that affiliated with Yahoo, or finally use basic searches of paid websites such as InfoSpace or Switchboard. cell phone lookup

Using Google is probably the simplest way of performing a free address search someone. Simply type a person’s name into the search engine and click the “search” button. This method however, has several drawbacks. First of all, most of the time you will end with only the person’s email address as it is the most common personal information disclosed online. Then, there will be no way to find out who you have found – the United States are big enough to let hundreds of people have names such as Martha Jones or Jeremy Brown. Finally, you can’t check the accuracy of the data you found. While most people do not change email addresses often, they move and change our phone numbers every few years.

Another method – one that is probably the most cost-effective – is visiting a “find people” website. Most of them use the Intelius database that contains over a billion entries including change of address records, business records and all kinds of other public records. Virtually any U.S. citizen has been a part of this base. As the result, you can easily check an actual address and phone number of virtually anyone living in the United States. Provided, of course, that you know the state (or even better – the city) where he or she lives. As in case of Google, Intelius will not be able to tell you which John Smith you are looking for.

Finally, you can try using free or trial versions of paid services. While only paid versions offer you a complete address search along with the ability to search by a property address, not a person’s name, they are generally just as effective as free sites when it comes to a simple free address chack.

Here are a few tips concerning the free address searches. They will greatly speed up the process, regardless of the method you will decide to use. First, do NOT use the person’s first name – he or she may be using their second name or a nickname. In case of paid services you can generally use the first letter of the first name. Then remember about different spellings of some names. For example the name “Brown” may be spelled “Borwn” or “Browne” – and they are considered two different names.

Also, keep in mind that people, especially women, tend to change their names after the marriage. you can expect that about 30-40% of your high school friends now use different last names. Finally, keep in mind that people can always sign out from the databases thus becoming invisible. It’s hard to blame them – some people find it really scary. If there is no sign of the person on dedicated “find people” websites, try using Google again – there is no way one can escape from being listed somewhere in the Google database.