How to Get High Quality Tax Service

Beware of False Guarantees
Always beware of a tax preparation office that guarantees you a large refund without even reviewing your financial information. They could be trying to mislead you. Alternatively, they might have the intention of using false claims to get you a refund no matter what. All of our tax professionals are committed to getting you the biggest refund possible, and can typically provide a free estimate over the phone.

Ask What They Need wall and associates tax reviews
When you do call and speak to a tax preparer over the phone you should always ask them what they need from you. It is a huge red flag if they tell you they do not need much information from you, or if they rush you off the phone. In order to provide you with an estimate they should ask you a variety of questions to determine what credits and deductions you qualify for.

Know what you Need
Depending on how complicated your tax return is, you may have to seek out a professional qualified to prepare it. If you are a wage earning employee and do not own a house, then most tax preparers will probably be able to assist you. However, if you have a complicated business return, then you might want to call around and find a professional experienced with business taxes.

Get Multiple Quotes
It is a good idea to get quotes from a handful of local tax offices. Just like with most purchases, you should be weary of anyone who gives you a drastically low (or high) quote, as either one could be a red flag.

Ask Around
One of the best ways to get a reliable tax preparation service is by asking friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. Just be sure to let them know a friend referred you, as many tax offices offer incentives for referrals.

Ask for Credentials
Although it is illegal to offer any tax services with out proper credentials, there have been cases across the country where unqualified scammers have taken advantage of uninformed taxpayers. If you are dubious about a tax preparer, then feel free to ask to see their credentials. They should be more than willing to show you, and most tax offices actually display their credentials in an easy to see location.

Are they Updated?
Since the IRS code is constantly being modified, you will want to make sure that you hire a professional who is up to date on all recent IRS tax law changes.

Are they Available?
It is important to have a trustworthy tax preparer who is also available when you need them. If they never return your phone calls, or emails, then it might be a red flag. Your tax returns are important, and you should be able to easily get a hold of the person you pay to prepare them.