Online Computer Forensics

Online computer forensics covers a wide area of data investigation and retrieval. It can involve internet crimes, email abuse and trading of intellectual property, to name a few.

Hackers aren’t the only ones committing online crimes these days. Computer forensics analysts are being called on in large numbers to investigate company employees and crime in the work place.

Many corporations are hiring teams of online computer forensics experts to track employees and their daily habits. It can be minor cases such as internet or email abuse causing wasted hours on the clock, or it can be a more critical crime such as employees selling intellectual property or using it to operate a competing business on the side.

Another area where computer forensics is extremely useful is when investigating criminal cases. There are many people out there participating in illegal online activities, such as child pornography sites and trading of information. It’s good that our system puts a high level of importance on bringing these people to justice and shutting down these sites and digital forensics are what makes it possible to find these people and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. These practices are not tolerated and with the proper input from an online computer forensics expert, people participating in these unlawful practices can easily be found guilty and put behind bars.

It’s best to gain access to a computer before anyone has a chance to destroy evidence. But even if an individual knows they might be investigated it is very possible to retrieve any information they try to delete. It’s also very easy to monitor their actions through computer or phone spying software.

Cell phones are very common these days and with this technology comes a new area where computer forensics can be utilized. A lot of illegal activity happens over cell phones. Text messaging, picture messaging and basic phone calls can contain information that is highly relevant if trying to prosecute a person of a cyber crime. Phones these days are basically small computers that can send and receive the same data as most computers. It’s important for computer forensics experts to keep up with this changing technology and be able to handle any scenario thrown their way.

Cell phone spyware is new software that allows anyone to tap into a phone’s calls, messaging and internet usage. With a simple application put onto a phone you can track everything that phone does. This can be good and bad. It’s not very settling to know that anyone can track everything you do on your phone, but from a computer forensics standpoint, this is a valuable tool that could possibly bring severe criminals to justice.