The Security Problem Caused By The LED Light

With the development of LED industry, there are more and more LED screens in the streets nowadays. But people are confusing that whether the LED display will cause the security problems or not, such as the traffic safety. If the brightness of the LED display is controlled well, it will bring convenience to the automobiles and pedestrians. But if the light is too strong, the driver is not able to see the sidewalk on the road. What is more, the LED display, which is installed on the wall of the mall, always plays some wonderful films to please the customers. When the pedestrians and drivers are coming across the mall, they can not stop watching the screen. As a consequence, the ascendant will happen in such a short time. automotive led driver

According to the management method of related department, there is no specific regulation for the LED screen which has emerged for only two years. The device is installed on the building, not on the road, therefore, the traffic policemen has noting to do with the device. Some experts maintain that the stimulation caused by the automotive light is for a few seconds, while the LED screen stimulates the eyes continuously. The accidents always happens in a very short time, therefore, the regulation of the LED brightness should be put on the agenda.

The LED screen is the result of society development, but the security problem can not be ignored. According to the suggestions of people, setting the LED with a suitable angle and height will be better. Thus the screen can beautify the city and transmit the information without influencing the driver. If the LED screen can adjust itself the brightness of the sky, the accident will reduce. The full color LED screen is such kind of light, which will be popular in the future. The related integrated circuit is AM29F160DT-90EI.

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