Tourism In Lebanon

Lebanon is a great country for tourism. Despite the political unrest, many people, especially people from the Arabic Gulf region, visit Lebanon for tourism on a regular basis. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Tourists visit Lebanon for multiple reasons. For those who like thousands years old monuments, they got Baalabek. For those who like night life, they got Downtown Beirut. For those who like skiing, they got Faqra and the other mountains. For those who like nice weather, they got Bhamdoun and Broummana. Lebanon seems to attract tourists no matter what their preferences are. It has been a place for tourism for centuries, and it still is.

Political unrest, whenever it happens in Lebanon, does affect tourism, but only in the short term. As soon as the political scene calms down again, you see tourists pouring in the streets again.

Lebanon gets most of its tourism in the summer time. As temperatures become extremely high and unbearable in the Middle East region during the summer, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, U.A.E., nationals from these countries visit Lebanon for extended periods during the summer. Many of them would stay for as long as three months.

Many people from the Arabic Gulf region have bought houses and vacation home in Lebanese mountains so that they can stay for extended period of time. The weather in Lebanon is in general mild an attractive. Snow is encountered only in the mountains, which is great. If you like to ski, you got the mountains, and if you like to stay away from snow, you can stay in Beirut, at sea level.

Downtown Beirut is a great place to hang out anytime during the year. After the rebuilding of this center, most tourists who come to Lebanon visit downtown Beirut either to just hand out or to get lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant.

Most tourists who come to Lebanon don’t do it for the food. However, after they come in, they find that one of Lebanon’s great characteristics is its cuisine. Lebanese cuisine is one of the best in the entire Middle East. Restaurants in general provide very high quality service. The high quality food is one of the things that make tourists want to come more often to Lebanon especially that many of the Lebanese dishes are not found much elsewhere.