Why Are Smartphones Called “Smart”?

Smartphones are called smartphones for a very obvious reason. These mobile phones are notches higher when it comes to its advanced ability to compute as well as to communicate. The word “smart” is the perfect adjective to name this mobile phone invention since its platform is more high-tech and can definitely “outsmart” a regular feature phone in terms of speed, features, and connectivity. S martphones are jam packed with functions that be used for both assistive and entertainment purposes. realme 5

One of the most popular integrations made to smartphones are the personal digital assistant. Shortly called as PDA or PA, it is an intelligent voice-enabled system that takes down tasks, schedule appointments and meetings and virtually anything that you need to do and reminds them one by one on a specified time.

Aside from the PDA, another great feature of the smartphone is its high-resolution camera. Before, people are simply content with having a VGA camera that can capture mediocre-quality images. These were acceptable during that time since people knew that mobile phones are simply for communicative purposes and a camera is simply a feature and nothing more. Now, people have become very demanding in terms of the quality of still and video camera. In fact, most smartphones now even have LED flash so that the camera can be used even during the night.

Another great feature of smartphones is fast internet connection. A smartphone without a fast web browsing ability is futile since it is pretty much the reason why developers have gone out of their way to improve the hardware and the software of smartphones. Smartphones can access data via high-speed WiFi connection or via 3G network where loading a page will take only a second. It also ran by an advanced operating system to make sure that it will be working just like a miniature personal computer. Also, it can be loaded with lots of applications and games depending on the smartphones’ brand and software stack or operating system which is supported by a middleware and a store where all applications are accessed.

A smartphone is an amazing technological breakthrough which has created a craze these days to many people, professional or not. Sure, it is a bit pricey for some people, but can you just imagine the technology that is housed in each smartphone? The phone itself may cause a dime, but the comfort, functionality and convenience that it brings is simply priceless. It is basically not a simple feature phone anymore but a device that holds the power of a mobile phone, a personal computer, a gaming console, an automated scheduler, a virtual personal assistant, a high-resolution camera and a high-definition video camera all in one pocket-size device. If that isn’t amazing then I don’t know what is!